Am I sure that’s the Italy I want?

While the spread is running up again, all Europe is voting against the government and the parties they had, my country is talking about a sport club, the Juventus, ’cause it won the campionship..
We had yesterday and today the elections in many city and towns all around the boot, but if you open your facebook account what you can see is posts about soccer.. thought some newspaper  speaks about what happend in our elections where finally the incoherent PDL has disappeared and the populist movement gained a lot of votes not only in the exit pools, i haven’t seen a real analysis of what’s happeing in our country..
the really sad thing is that the sum of the people who voted is down of 7%point compared to the last administration’s elections, the invented party Lega Nord, no matter the scandals of this days it went through, in some little villages has still won the elections or enough votes to go to the second ballot.
While Europe in going towards the extremist parties facing a crisis that’s not going to be solved with austerity and more taxes on the poor and middle class, italians have to fight corruption and an old mentality which see the individual’s profits as the only aim of commerce and politics.


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