how far can we go to make a news more interesting?

In the days of the trial to the heads of “News of the World” today in Italy most of the big newspapers and of the news agencies have forgot the deontological code the italian journalism has and the documents the Ordine dei Giornalisti signed in 1990:

 “I giornalisti devono evitare di pubblicare qualsiasi elemento che possa portare ad identificare un minore coinvolto in procedimenti giudiziari, sia esso un dato (generalità dei genitori, indirizzo di casa, scuola, ecc.) sia esso una fotografia o un filmato.”

It’s one of worst days ever in our history: a bomb was placed this morning in front of a school, named after “Francesca Laura Morvillo Falcone“, and killed one 16 years old girl and injured several others in Brindisi.
But that’s not an excuse to forget how to write an article and the school kids they’re writing about are minors.

I could go on and on, but does it really helps the news all the informations about her life and her pictures taken from the social networks?! what fact it add to the terrible news? does give her and the other injured a face make the news more effective or real or does only make it more interesting for all the voyeurs?

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