points of view

points of view..all depends on that. And when you loose yours is done: it’s hard to go back and find it, in the middle of the chaos where it smoothed till it disappeared.
The hardest thing is moving, changing your life and maintain the balance between who you are, what made you and who you want to be.
If life changes pieces by pieces while you’re distracted making what you think are uninfluencial choices, than what’s destiny, what’s chance, what are coincidences and are we really free?
Every trip i do i meet different people that teach me something: most of the time is what i don’t wanna be or become, sometimes are lessons i know i’ll remember forever. and yet my point of view changes without me noticing, too worried to get distracted and live a “full life” to pay attention to my thoughts. Brighton and Murcia had overwhelmed myself, making me discover or find again part of me i didn’t know where there, but the silence..only the silence can show yourself who you really are and that’s the hardest thing in the world: being able to find every time a new balance without getting lost, maintaining your the point if view that characterizes you and remember the road you did and where you wanna go.
For them was the perfect summer day for going to the beach: people in his bikini and swimsutes sunbathing in the sun; I was in shorts and a top just starting to feel the heating of the sun..


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