I’am a realist, I’am a romantic, I’m an indecisive…

Please listen to ” I’m a realist” while you read…
Travelling is said to open the world and the mind of the traveller, but nobody wrote on the trauma of going back to the same place you left that once you called home.
You’ve changed in ways you still have to discover and the old routines do not fit you anymore..and not all the friends have changed in the way that’s compatible to your new-and-at-the-same-time-old character.
Andrej Tarkovskij wrote that there’s only one trip possible: the one we do into ourself… I came back and i found that everything was different: me, the others and my places.. what remained the same is the attitude of the people: same faces, same conversations, same schemes.. But yesterday there was a change: a lot of police was around, stopping people and checking documents in the centre of the town, not so far from the advertisement of the arrival in town today of Matteo Renzi, major of Florence, running for the primary of the PD, the italian leftish-centered party, for celebrating the anniversary of the creation of this new-and-old political entity. The police was around with 4 cars and a van, at least 10 or 12 policemen walking in the streets; that’s unusual, very strange for a town in which you see them just checking alcohol-level in car drivers on the Thursday night or from midnight to 2 on some Saturday. So why do we, citizens, have to pay just to have them “securing” a town so boring that if there’s a bar fight is the event of the weekend, just because Renzi is coming the next day? How much do we pay just to show off? Was the same thing, just a demonstration of “power”, when we spent loads of contributors just to host a Holy Mess done by the Pope and to get a glimpse of Mario Monti, our prime minister? Yes, the town centre is clean and no baggers’ around, the street lights are on and the shop windows are shining and ready to sell (to ghost, probably, as we are in a huge crysis) but as you exit the medieval town the roads have holes, the streets floods at the first rain and we’re the worst town in Tuscany for the sorted waste collection; at that’s only the top of the iceberg. Welcome in Arezzo, a shining town in south Tuscany!


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