An unconventional day

Maybe the really important things happen when we’re distracted or when we’re sceptic..or maybe it’s just how we perceive that..

Fog. Fog everywhere. Wherever you turned your eyes the only thing you could see was fog.
It was a pensive day, don’t know if it was a matter of the day, the fog or the anniversary. I was seated in the back of the car, looking out of the window asking myself where i was going and why, when old memories started flooding into my mind. They where reminder of a past long gone, happy memories that usually made me sad but not in that moment. It was like a warm blanket covering my mind.
Finally in the fog we arrive: the house was at our right, i imagined it in a sunny day or at the sunset. It must be a wonderful view. A sign “Comunità Tabor” was on the gate and the light in the front door seemed like an invite.
The fire was crackling in the corner of the room and i was feeling uncomfortable: what was i doing there?! People greeted me, introducing themselves and i couldn’t remember one name. I understood the meaning “fish out of the water”. I was so uncomfortable that i asked to see the garden, hoping that nature, as always, took me on a safe path and that was the case, but when i turned around it was a painting in the wall that captured my attention: it was a fresco in white and gold. I felt a sudden warm and I could feel my eyes shining and that felling sticked with me all night. It was like in Assisi: I couldn’t tell why or what, but there was something hidden and glorious in that home.
They show me around, who was is not important, it was the place that was talking to my soul. The words said after, when we where seating in a circle, seemed made for me, not all, but at least much of them.
I felt strange, between happy and filled with a sense of community, but in a pleasant way. A lot of things were said and i discovered hidden inside the reasons I made my choices in the last 4 years: they were strong as the day i made the promise of serving, that day lost in this frantic life didn’t seemed far away at all.
I decided to go there on curiosity, more to stay with the person who told me about that than to a real need, or that i thought getting on that car, but there it was the opposite: i was there because of him but not to stay with him. There were so many words which seemed just made for me that i was completely absorbed by the place and the people there, so much absorbed that i just flood from a conversation to an other, following something I didn’t recognize and didn’t care of: suddenly i was there for me, i was eager to listen, to capture every word..I found myself silent waiting for a new hint to follow.
In no time it was 2 in the morning and we left. The humidity of the fog gave me a terrible headache, that became a sense of vomiting going down all that mountain road, which stayed with me until i felt asleep in my bed, but i was so filled with joy that i didn’t care.
While i was opening my house’s door i was sure about one thing: on the 7th i’ll be there again.


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