No news today, just thoughts

For me Christmas came early this year :
it’s been a strange month December 2012; between the assumed end of the world, graduations, new and old friends, and family the days passed by as it they were double and shorter at the same time.
Changing town like I did last year, i lived in 4 different cities in just one year, was a challenge, was funny and made me grow, but it was this month the moment i really needed.
Christmas came early to me.
As I don’t believe in coincidences I had the most wonderful gift someone like me can receive and, even if it took me all this time to realize this simple thing, 2012 took me a bunch of friend I can’t live without.  “no man is an island” says “About a Boy” but it’s easier to live like that. Well, I’ve been shaken, me han traido fuera de mi concha: when i least expected to find people that mattered something, when I was just hanging to my few old sure friends, I find myself willing to trust, know and invest.
Christmas came early to me.
I discovered again the importance of people I loved, I saw myself as they see me, I changed what I didn’t like and made me feel not good.. well, not all, I can’t save the world in one day!
But i really tried to bring a piece of Murcia, Rome and Brighton in my life here and when I actually live as I was there, I make my day.

“Happiness is real only when Shared” A.S.

I’m not someone who make promises, one, the scout one, it’s more than enough; I alway say too many things, many of them ’cause i mean them in that moment, but then they just fade away.. Now it’s not time to do new year’s empty promises, it’s time to remember that one year is made by 365 day and some hours and there’s no need do live a long and empty life, but the hard truth is that we can add life to everyday with simple easy little things. No more running, let’s take our time to read, hug, smile and laugh. Everything else will follow.
I don’t wanna live a century to wait in realizing dreams, hopes and trips: I wanna really live everyday like I was still in Erasmus discovering thing, confronting challenges and with no fear.
Christmas came early to me,
I hope I wasn’t the only one.


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