Praha: a moldavian pearl

First of all I’ve to admit I’m a very lucky person: my family believes that traveling is the best way to discover things, cultures and to open the minds, so they always took us around Europe and the world as far as it was possible.
When we decided to go to Prague with my friends it was just a silly idea on a friday night that became real the day after: I had never been in eastern Europe, a part from Vilnius in Lithuania, and I didn’t know what to expect as I was used to the imperialistic capitals as Rome, London, Paris and Madrid.
Landing in Prague was kind of going back to the dimension of Vilnius: colorful houses one next to the other designing a unique pattern into the green of the many parks of the city centre.

We had a great holiday: walking around the town is the best way to appreciate its beautiful corners and palaces, whilst getting on the top of the astronomical tower of the Klementinum and of the municipal tower is the best way to admire its landscape and surroundings!
And when the night falls…the city changes its look: with the lights reflected in the river and the soft yellow streetlights shining on the palaces and on the colorful house, it a pleasure just getting lost in the tiny streets of the centre!



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