InBreve, an evening with short theatrical plays

I live in a small town and I’m always complaining that there’s nothing interesting to do, but that’s not true: I’m so used to that idea that even if there’s something interesting during the week usually I just lay on the sofa at home.
Last Thursday I decided to take a chance ant I went with a friend to our local Arci Club in the centre, the Aurora, to see what I thought to be a play following a Facebook invite by a friend. Imagine my surprise when, arrived there, I discovered that was inBreve, a contest of short theatrical plays!
The first short play, Ali, was incomprehensible: good idea, but the changes between the supposed four view of the monologue weren’t clear at all and the actor wasn’t something; anyway we were just relaxing in a Thursday night, so..who cared? Then Patrizio, the second play, started: a young neapolitan man involved with the racket was sitting in a table and after reading an article in a newspaper started thinking of his life and about all the little things that brought him there, in that moment, that day; thanks to many summers spent near Salerno where some of my family lives, I could understand quite everything he was saying: he was speaking in dialect, but the actor was so good, the play well written, the dramatical phases right….it just got under my skin: a serious theme performed with the necessary drama but also with funny moments that weren’t interfering with depth of the argument treated.
I just loved it.
The third was a two men play about the use we do with our time, how we spend it thinking we’ll be immortal: nice play, well acted, but the last part was ruined by two more phrases after the supposed last one, a very effective sentence…
At the end what started as an other evening in the same place as usual was a great night: we had fun, we enjoyed ourselves, we were left with something more to think about than our silly normal lives.. And we’re looking forward to see the next three plays this Thursday!


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