Italy: guilty as charged.

This is today’s front-page of one of the most eminent italian newspapers: while our country is destroyed by bad politicians and corruption as a level seen just in the late decades of the Roman empire or just before the French revolution, nobody is protesting in the streets nor fighting for a better political system.
All over the world it’s nearly two years that people is demonstrating for their ideas, from the Arabs Spring to the supposed racial judgment of the Florida on the death of Trayvon Martin, but here in Italy even if the signs of a cultural meltdown are multiplying daily it seems that we’re focused just on our holidays, or the lack of them.
Men killed each others since the beginnings of time, but in recent days here in the Bel Paese not one day passes without a kid armed by someone who was supposed to protect him; angry husbands kill their children, former boyfriends kill the girl who turned them down, an unhappy father slaughters his daughter’s boyfriend just because he doesn’t like him, but our politicians are focused on changing the laws carefully so they’re not erasing their privileges.
We’re stuck in a ideological dispute where is Berlusconi vs the anti-Berlusconi or Grillo vs the anti-M5S, forgetting that this is the exactly system that brought Italy at this point: our culture is dying with our museums, our schools are destroyed more every reform passes, children do not understand the importance of learning and their icons are frivolous starlets.
The fact that a senator of the Republic, and former prime minister, is under more than one trial for fraud and for having abused of his power, and many more charges, is not enough to ask for his resignations: our parliament has stopped for one day because he was found guilty, but today his party is even more demanding for access and privileges asking for more seats in the government.
This idea of governance can be seen also at a local level, from the movie festival organized as a show off for the friends and sons of the institution behind it, to the chairs in the political commissions or even to the activities receiving funds from provinces and town halls.
Our economy needs a resurrection miracle, our communities are no more able of taking care of themselves and of their weakest, people can’t see the hope of a better day; we have no jobs and our institutions are not investing in creating them or in building useful knowledge, but don’t worry: if you have a nice face and you’re willing to compromise there will always be a grandaddy paying your rent in exchange for some elegant dinners.



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