Without respect we’re nothing – problems in Italy

I sadly discover why here in Italy everything is going sideways: egoism, no self-projection in the future and the complete absence of respect in our public authorities from bottom to the top.
The disregard of other people has always been a peculiar sign of our political class in the peninsula, anyway it still bothers me: when you become a public figure its supposed that you act like it.
It was a usual Tuesday: I worked in the morning, I had an appointment for an interview after lunch and a meeting later.
I was in a hurry: the article needed to be done as soon as the interview with the councillor was over as the weekly newspaper I work for is closed at last on wednesdays and then has to be printed.
The interview was scheduled nearly a week before and I thought I’d been clear about the issue it was about because I didn’t want to waste the councillor or my time. It took me more then 10 minutes to find the right intern in which the medical practice of the council member is; i was late, upset about it and worried he wouldn’t have the time for the interview anymore.
Forth floor – the lift are not working – the door of the private practice is left ajar, the sign on the door bell ask to ring it before entering. No one answers. I open the door and no lights are on, the reception desk is completely empty and the hall deserted. I wonder if i’m in the wrong place, while I hear some voices from one of the doors. I wait. And wait.
Voices, clearer now, and a family walks out the doctor office on the left. After them an old man invites me inside; “finally I’m meeting him” I thought and I follow him in the study.
He looks at me so I told him who I was. He stares at me and ask my name again, then how old I am. I’m puzzled: i repeat who I am and that we talked on the phone about the interview. He doesn’t welcome me or try to excuse himself fir the misunderstanding, he wont shake him hand nor acknowledge that I’m a professional doing my job.
I repeat gently the reason I was there and he stared again at me and after a few moments he announced he wasn’t answering on the issue because he was going to held a press conference the next morning. Stunned, i politely take my coat, replay that I’ll see him there and exit the room.
I was in the hall when the councillor shouted my name from the study; I walked back and I met him half way: ” At noon…tomorrow is at noon” he repeated.
I thanked him and walked out the door; then down the stairs I realized: not only he forgot he gave me an appointment for an interview, not only he completely forgot about it (when you’re elder it’s common to forget things), he had also walked over every rules of behavior; i’m not your friend, you don’t call me by my first name, you greet me with “Doctor” or “Miss” and my surname and definitely even if you had mistaken me for one of your patients, you apologize.
I was working, my time has the same value it has his and, moreover, his son is a journalist: he should know better.
He’s not just a doctor, he was allegedly one of best in town and was asked to join the council in order to be the change needed: he’s in charge of “health and social politics, associationism and voluntary work, home politics and emergencies, new poverty” and, by the way, he receives visitors only by appointment.
If this is the behavior at the town council level, the lowest possible, what’s happening in the national one?
They fight in parliament as in a cock-fight as newspapers report


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