The most Hipster thing I’ve ever bought

It comes the time when you think you know yourself: you’re 30, happy, living in a city you love… everything goes in the direction you want.
Then, suddenly, it’s December: Christmas is round the corner and you need to find gifts for the people you love, quickly, and not forgetting the main characteristics:

  1. Items must fit in the luggage (the huge Harrods teddybear is a no go)
  2. Items must be not too expensive (now even the smaller Harrods teddybear idea is literally flying away)
  3. Presents must be thought for the receiver (my love for it is not enough)

Baring these in mind I step out the door in the cold sunny Saturday.

2 hours later I was happy as a dog with a bone: I had all, ALL the gifts I wanted. Except one.

The ONE.

What do you buy to someone who has virtually everything?

Panic. The same feeling as you run to catch the train and the voice declares “please stand clear from the platform”.

I ask a friend. I’m still not sure. Doesn’t seems feesable. I wander around, like a ghost looking for a place to hunt.

I stare at every shop window, desperate. Then a glimpse: something colourful catches my eyes. A magnet, photographs printed on small square canvas and THE GIFT. Sitting there on the shelf, waiting for me.

The only problem at that point was: Which one?

Followed clearly by: What colour?

What would be the perfect gift for Prince Charming?!

After 20 minutes I bought THE MOST HIPSTER THINGS OF MY LIFE: Viddy, a  light blue “Do-It-Yourself Pinhole Camera Kit” 😍


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