Ladybirds 🐞 luck

It’s raining, there’s a weather alert and trains will be delayed due to speed reductions caused by strong winds.
I have to stop before going to work to drop off few things to an ex-colleague so I’m leaving on the earlier train,or so I thought.

I’m incredibily on time, even if I added extra time on my breakfast to make a parsnip lactose-free milkshake; i don’t want to take chances so I decide to almost run downhill to the station, my long beautiful earrings giggling in my ears until… I’m there: the stairs to my platform are in front of me.

As I take the first step I notice it: one earring doesn’t sound anymore.


They were a gift, really like them, like properly adore those material gold circles.

I don’t even think about: I just turn around and retrace my steps looking down to the pavement as if I were looking for a treasure. Well it was for me.

No luck today, the amount of ladybirds (or ladybugs, if you like) living in my room doesn’t matter. Or maybe it would if I stop to kill them accidentally…

I walk back to the station, sad and wet.

The train I wanted to take was on time, but the later one was delayed, of course!

Waiting on the platform I pad myself as if I was a police officer during a body search: maybe the earring got stuck on my jumper or my scarf.

Ha ha ha. No such luck.

I lesson learned: ladybirds DO NOT bring luck I’m sure.

In all this my travel mug decided to start spilling all over my bag.

 I repeat it: ladybirds DO NOT bring luck.